Nanshan Leisure Villas

? ? ? Located in ?Nanshan tourist attraction, Nanshan Leisure Club?boasts a range?of ?such services as accommodation,?catering, conference, recreation?and fitness.?Integrating the?designs?of modern?gardens with?ecological concept and perfect syncretism of?Buddhism, it?is a?rare quality?accomodation complex in China’s scenic spots. Nanshan Leisure Club?features?various design styles and different room types such as?Jiaohaiguanlan State Guest House, ?Club Garden, Guset house with an oean view?and Villa in Bamboo Forest; all together there are 300 guest rooms with elgegant?classic interior design.

 There are various?quite?distinctive?restaurants, including quality vegetarian restaurant, Nanshan?Restaurant, ?Coconut Grove Coffee House, Tenppanyaki Tricks, Nanshan kitchens and Ya Yuan Chinese restaurant.all these form a catering system with a collection of ?Nanshan?vegetarian?menu?,Nanshan?mandarin?cuisine, Nanshan?private menu and home cooking. Nanshan Leisure club is?equipped with grand reception rooms and bright spacious multi-functional conference halls, ideal for various conferences, recreation activities and perfoming arts. recreation ?facilities?are diverse,??including?chess, ?billiard ball, ?tennis, swimming?, health care and cosmetology and hairdressing. Here, you can?personally experience the nature?when watching the sea and enjoying the sun?and?sand.

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Bamboo Forest Villa——China top ten famous holiday villa

  Here, you are far from the crowd to?experience ?peace?and?serenity. Located in picturesque?Buddhism garden, Nanshan Leisure club?covers?an area of 120 mu with Forest coverage rate reached 80%. Close to the Longevity Valley in peaceful tropical?rain forest, Cihang Pudu Garden, Good Luck Garden and Nanshan Temple, the clubl offers an ideal spot for looking afar to the open sky.?10 seperate?villas are independent but an integral whole.?Red-and-white villas are surrounded by green trees?and grass; soft and ringing sound waves in the air. How elegant and graceful! I In villa district, the nartificial lake and amplatzer enhance each other's beauty; car parking lots are designed in different styles. Every corner?is a view in the club.

? ? ? ?Villas ?hold standard?rooms and deluxe?rooms in accordance with star-rating standards, which create a family-based holiday atmosphere. The shadows of areca catechus and beach chairs in the ?yard generate in you a sense of holiday. ?In?the dusk, you ?head for the temple to listen to chanting. Then, with your friends, you watch sea waves and talk of everything under the sun. Nanshan will?make?these?dreams?come true!

In China top ten famous holiday villa 2004,?Nanshan Leisure club?in Sanya, Hainan, is on this?list.

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